Our Process

Our philosophy is that a building should fit its purpose and environment, optimizing the value for our client and the community. We strive to be sensitive to the physical, environmental, psychosocial, mental, spiritual, political and cultural factors to identify barriers and to have positive effect on the health and well-being that brings meaning to life, culturally and personally.

Innovative Ideas

Innovation, creation and problem solving are common ground for all design disciplines and fundamental to all human activities. We foster an environment that brings together the best ideas to make your project successful. Keep up with the current projects and ideas that are on our drafting boards with the link below.

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Awarded Projects

Thomas Carnell is the Chief Executive Officer and has been noted for his projects with The Nemours Children’s Clinic, TSA Design Award of Merit HCA Data Center, Tennessee AIA Design Award of Merit; University of Tennessee Competition for the School of Architecture.