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Plateau Eye Surgery Center

A New Surgical Center in Crossville, Tennessee
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About This Project

Surgical Center


Plateau Eye Surgery Center in Crossville, Tennessee


Whether an architectural aesthetic is intended to be minimalist or complex, its experience mysterious or clear, its spaces Spartan or rich, a building must be a highly ordered entity.


The outpatient surgery center was developed with the support of the local hospital because of existing surgical space was over capacity. When you come to the new surgical center you arrive under an outdoor space that is enclosed with a wood canopy supported by concrete columns.  The building is a transitional form that replicates the original clinic building material on the same site.


Upon entering the waiting area you are greeted by a receptionist that also has visible control over separate exit used for departing surgical patients.  From this waiting area embellished with comfortable amenities there is ample natural light with spacious high ceilings that provides psychological comfort with visible orientation back to the entry.  All of this was accomplished while exceeding the Federal Building Energy Code compliance standards.

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