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McDonald’s Restaurant

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About This Project

McDonald’s Restaurants

CMArchitects works with McDonald’s to design an architectural space to accommodate a fast food restaurant. To design actual situations or experiences that will happen in those spaces, and design an architecture that accommodates and enhances them, is ever-changing in today’s society. CMArchitects is fortunate to be teamed with owner/operators and project managers for projects across the Southeast.


We are helping hundreds of stores by cementing a new contemporary image of McDonald’s in the minds of consumers. The chain no longer wants to rush you in and out. Now it wants you to stick around and tap into free Wi-Fi service as you sip a cappuccino or smoothie. The new design conversions include features such as self-service ordering, comfortable interiors with couches and high-top family tables, and continued attention to faster food for customers with dual drive-thru ordering lanes.


At a time when most competitors are still looking to McDonald’s for the industry standard, the fast-food giant is undertaking its biggest store-by-store makeover in history. For the next generation of McDonald’s customers, the notion of what a McDonald’s restaurant looks like inside and out we are turning on its head.

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