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About This Project

Harpeth Middle School, Kingston Springs TN


For Harpeth Middle School, we recalled our own school experiences how architecture and design reinforce why an education that includes a breadth and depth of subjects is essential. It is educated, mature students that will be ready to apply this as an educational experience to develop insights from multiple perspectives and solve real-world problems with critical thinking and analytical skills.


Greenbrier High School, Greenbrier TN


Greenbrier High school reminded us that education is interdisciplinary by design: it is bringing together policy makers, educators, students, and designers in an attempt to generate ideas taking into account many different viewpoints. While policy makers may have insights into affecting the status quo, students and educators are in daily contact with the educational reality, and designers are experts on the process of iterative innovation. This project also highlights our expertise in auditorium acoustics.


School and Community Center, León Nicaragua

Pro bono work for an international, independent non-profit organization.


CMArchitects educational work extends outside of the United States. We believe that pro bono makes good architecture and quality spaces available to all, not just those that can afford it.


Based in León, Nicaragua, Mpowering People is an organization that works to empower people in nearby communities to learn, grow and build better lives for themselves. They believe that poverty should not hold people back from pursing their dreams.


CMArchitects shares the dedication to enhancing both educational and economic opportunities in these communities. We search for ways to donate our architectural services to those disadvantaged.

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