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Goddard School

School for Early Childhood Development
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About This Project

Goddard School in Franklin, Tennessee


School for Early Childhood Development


“Particularly pleasing and quite surprising was your willingness and desire to involve and educate yourself in matters that were beyond you scope of services, but that had great bearing on the success of the project.”

Andrew N. Byrn

President | Accord Development LLC


At CMArchitects, a simple and straightforward concept is at the forefront of our design development. Our philosophy is that a building should fit its purpose and environment, optimizing the value for our client and the community. We strive to be sensitive to the physical, environmental, psychosocial, mental, spiritual, political and cultural factors to identify barriers and to have positive effect on the health and well-being that brings meaning to life, culturally and personally.


The Goddard School continued this concept and added complexity to concerns of serving children with specialized developmental needs. To serve those needs, the building has multiple types of specialized spaces within a simple form.


This project was accomplished with strategic planning for this type of facility and understanding the needs of its occupants. Maintaining an understanding of the matters beyond the scope of the project is one of our approaches to client service.

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