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Data Center Upgrades

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About This Project

Data Centers


Technology Upgrades in 144 Hospitals Across the U.S.


The two most important keys to effectively organizing a floor plan are managing solid-void relationships and resolving circulation.  For concept purposes, consider the core functions of the building, in this case carving out space for a hospital data center central to the building and renovating key medical services. Solving a floor plan means creating practical and pleasing relationships between core spaces and primary program spaces.


CMA was employed by HCA to facilitate the design of the new data centers in 144 hospitals in cooperation with Infrastructure Management, Facilities Management and Operations.  For hospitals that need immediate access to their data the nuance of Clouds may not be the solution.


The solution covers a full range of program requirements on both the IT and the Facilities side of the house including DCIM, management, facilities, power and cooling, data center build-out and design, disaster recovery, security, virtualization, cloud, and colocation.  The design-build team was representative of the required diversity of experience to accomplish HCA’s goals within widely different hospitals.

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