Architecture is the fabric on our city. No matter if it is a commercial building where you have your office or a clinic to visit your doctor.   In a two-year study URBANbuild focused on the culturally significance of neighborhoods.  The study spans urban design, and the range of disciplinary areas and scaled buildings that comprise a city.   Including complex enfolding of design research with material practices to actively produce deep knowledge about the many existing urban, infrastructure, and environmental layers of a city.

Innovation, creation and problem solving are common ground for all design disciplines and fundamental to all human activities. We foster an environment that brings together the best ideas to make your project successful.

The design experience of Healthcare and Commercial projects in this office includes:   

  • Hospital Additions/Renovations – 430 projects
  • Office & Medical Office – 3,502,000 sq. ft
  • New Hospitals – 8 projects
  • ASC’s – 63 projects
  • Psychiatric – 5 projects
  • Diagnostic & Cancer treatment facilities – 57 projects
  • Master Plans – 29 projects
  • Partial Medical Master Plans – 61 projects
  • Computer / MDF – 144 projects
  • ADA Studies – 500+
  • Education – 27 projects
  • Religion – 6 projects

Critical Design elements HSH ADA etc

A complete List of project can be provided on request with project experience ranging from a few thousand square feet to projects over 200,000 square feet.