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MC Winbush III

MC was a primary part of the success of CMArchitects from 2011 – 2018.  His resume and portfolio document an exemplary young career.


  • University of Tennessee – College of Architect + Design – 2010
  • Architectural Associate and Project Manager with CMArchitects. 
  • Managed technical development on all aspects of design and documentation within the office. 
  • Corresponded with contractors and owners regarding decisions throughout the design and construction of projects.

MC was commemorated for his achievements by Nashville’s NOMA. That commemoration is listed below.

National Organization of Minority Architects

Resolution in Honor and Loving Memory of
MC Winbush III

I.  Statement of condolences to the family:


We the founding members of the Nashville Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects, want the family to know that our hearts are full as we gather together to say goodbye to a devoted founding associate member of our organization, MC Winbush III, the loving husband of Kendra Winbush who is also a dedicated founding associate member, and father of their young son MC Winbush IV. We have great respect for the Winbush family, as they have stood alongside us and worked tirelessly in the advancement of our chapter and its goals. We therefore state and resolve the following in his honor:


II. Whereas statements:


Whereas MC Winbush III exemplified faith in Jesus Christ and demonstrated commitment to his church, and was a great father to his son and husband to our fellow member Kendra Winbush;


Whereas MC Winbush III was a founding associate member of our organization and founding chair of the Emerging Architects committee and has worked with diligence and vigor to achieve the goals of our organization;


Whereas the untimely passing of MC Winbush III, a demonstrated leader and future architect, has caused a deep void of sadness within our organization and our community;


Whereas MC Winbush III has written commendable goals for the advancement of the field of architecture among minority youth and in his own words wished to “Encourage youth to go to college, educate youth on architecture, and influence them to become architects.”


III. Therefore statements:


Therefore be it resolved, that we the Nashville chapter of National Organization of Minority Architects will mourn with the family and continue to advance the goals of MC Winbush III;


Therefore be it resolved, that we embrace and mourn with our fellow member Kendra Winbush and will pledge to stand with her in her great loss, and to support her in achieving her professional goals;


Therefore be it resolved, that we acknowledge the common bond of architecture expressed between this couple which has been an integral part of their relationship, and we acknowledge their commitment to our community’s youth;


Therefore be it resolved with great honor, that we the Nashville Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects announce the formation of the MC and Kendra Winbush III Scholarship for Emerging Architects to be given annually to deserving minority high school seniors in the Greater Nashville Area interested pursuing a career in architecture in his loving memory;


Therefore be it resolved that said scholarship be presented to MC Winbush IV at the conclusion of his senior year of high school in honor and loving memory of his father MC Winbush.


So be it with great honor that the above statements are fully confirmed and adopted by The Nashville Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects this 26th day of May in the year of our Lord 2018.