Medical Office Architects for Demographics Transformation

With the growth of the 65 and older population, hospital changes may not be an option. 

Design the changes to meet YOUR medical office desires

The latest U.S. Census data indicates that the 65 and over population of 2017 exceeds 47 million while demographic projections for 2060 show this population growing to 98 million. By 2030 almost 70 million people in the U.S. will be over 65.

According to a study by the Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS), the United States is unprepared to meet the health care challenges posed by its aging population.

Design for an older population

Older adults are more likely to suffer chronic illnesses (cancer, heart disease, diabetes). The new demands placed on the healthcare system for health services will not only include a need for more workers, but also require changes in the way services are provided.

CMArchitects PLLC has had the opportunity to lead a two year long cooperative study of over 70 primary and secondary sized hospitals to better understand the dynamic of growth in the hospital facility (or plant) and services.  The result is a better understanding of how we can transform our hospitals to meet future demands, reduce our cost as it relates to relocating departments in order to expand, and understand workforce dynamics. CMA is devoted to improving healthcare for our communities.   


Author: Tom Carnell

Resource: United States Census Bureau

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Reception area by CMArchitects

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Patient room by CMArchitects

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