Clinical Office Construction Cost vs Return on Investment

Clinical office construction cost and ROI. Estimate construction costs while our architects design with you.

Medical Building Cost

Our ‘Relative Cost Implication’ application has the ability to evaluate relative interest cost appreciation if decisions are delayed as well as provide rent allowance cost overruns if this is requisite information.

The program uses 187 unit cost categories from a national database and analysis of 97 different upgrade options that will provide immediate feedback on the relative cost differences.

Interested in learning more? Contact us and ask how to:

  • Determine each programmatic element you need for your clinic.
  • Compare your current work flows discovered in field vs ideal work flows.
  • Establish your key spatial adjacencies.
  • Evaluate technical requirements for each programmed area to help you streamline patient flow for an efficient clinic.
  • Design for light, texture and comfort for your clients.
Reception Lobby design, Nashville medical office building

Reception area in Veterinary Office by CMArchitects PLLC

Our program helps guide medical and

clinical office cost implications with

return on investment of design, finishes,

and materials for construction.

medical office construction

Surgery Room in Cookeville, Tennessee, by CMArchitects PLLC

Estimating Clinical Office Cost

The environment plays a critical role in affecting the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. Hiring an experienced architect can help you save money during construction and throughout operations.

In a study representing 45 clinical care practices including acute care, chronic management and preventative care for all ages from 1994 to 2016, the American Association of Family Physicians task force states that the new model of family practice services should be “accessible, accountable, comprehensive, integrated, patient-centered, safe, scientifically valid, and satisfying to both patient and their physicians.”  

In addition, basic growth in the population and added access to health care makes it even more imperative to balance the cost given today’s healthcare environment.

Here at CMArchitects PLLC, our application allows the physician or manager of a clinical practice to realize relative cost implication of design, finishes and material decisions before allocating time and money to the drawing and construction process. 


Author: Tom Carnell

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