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We focus our Restaurant Design on Take Out and Fast Casual Design

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We collaborate with owners, operators and regional teams for franchise and multi-site architectural services. Our approach is always brand-forward with value added design.

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At CMArchitects, we have architects and restaurant designers setting the design standard for major corporations like McDonalds (the worlds most popular franchise) and smaller, boutique restaurants around Tennessee.


The foundation of our restaurant design work is a brand-forward approach with added value design to enhanced customer experience. Understanding the specialization of the restaurant allows us work closely with the owner operator and regional manager, letting them teach us with every project.


Whether you need a new code compliant building or permitting drawings for a new restaurant renovation, we provide experience and architectural services that can be custom tailored to your franchise needs.

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Service Area at McDonald’s in Nashville by CMArchitects 


“As a McDonald’s owner/operator, I have now had the pleasure of working with CMArchitects on numerous McDonald’s new construction as well as remodels. To me, Tom’s greatest asset is his ability to LISTEN. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding CMArchitects and the success that we have experienced in partnership with them in my company, Funderburk Managment.”


Tim Funderburk

McDonald’s Owner  / Operator

“First, the time and effort that went into the preliminary concept planning and our discussions relating to personnel relationships, company procedures and overall operations were very thorough and penetrating. Second, your use of the data gathered and the resulting preliminary design along with its adaptation to the site was fascinating. Third, the finished product speaks for itself!”


R. R. Longhurst, III | Senior Vice President

Oman Construction Company

Our Restaurant Design Team

We foster a diverse environment that brings together creative solutions intended to set you apart in the restaurant industry with accessible, efficient and purposeful space.

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Thomas Carnell, AIA NCARB
Architect | Managing Partner


Registered Architect in 12 States

(877) 560-4774 ext. 701

Auburn University

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Steven Mota
Production Manager | REVIT Extraordinaire

(877) 560-4774 ext. 704

Western Kentucky University

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Jessica Crosland
Office Manager | Architectural Assistant

(877) 560-4774 ext. 0

University of Florida

Our Restaurant Blog

Our restaurant design blog is a resource for how we design. Owners have given good feedback to seeing our design approach prior to hiring us as an architect. We highlight our personal experience in restaurant design to explain the unique challenges of every project.

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