Medical Office Design and Planning in Nashville TN
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Healthcare Development Trends | Hiring an Architect for Good Design

No one wants an inexperienced physician – why hire an inexperienced architect? 

Hiring an experienced architect means a faster, more complete medical office design.

Past personal experience for seven years as a REIT owner/developer provided the time to work and refine the most cost effective exterior design, building configuration, code requirements and area factors. Some of these factors are:

  • Skin cost per square foot floor area.
  • Total wall cost in relationship to floor area
  • Building shape as relates to cost of skin
  • Building cost as it relates to height of building
  • Effect of elevator impact on height of building
  • Effective bay depth for any size tenant
  • Effective column bay for every tenant.
medical office architect

Surgical Center by CMArchitects PLLC

We have a distinct advantage in the marketplace with over 30 years of experience.

The architect you hire for medical building design matters!

At CMArchitects we have made a science of medical office building design. We have a distinct advantage in the marketplace with over 30 years of professional experience; we have planned and designed close to two million square feet with every type of clinical practice, diagnostic and surgical tenant in healthcare facilities.

Experience DOES make a difference. Buildings are complicated, and the feedback loop can be very slow. A physician might see 20 or 30 patients a day, but the building cycle for designing and building takes much longer, sometimes years. We understand this.

CMArchitects PLLC is rooted in the belief we offer clients knowledge and understanding from the owner’s perspective and the architectural experience to successfully complete small and complex projects.


Author: Tom Carnell

Surgical Center by CMArchitects PLLC

hire medical office architect

Surgical Center by CMArchitects PLLC