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Restaurant Building Upgrades

Restaurants are utilizing architects and new technology to provide an easy, quicker customer experience.

Restaurant Upgrades for Technology

In Nashville, Tennessee, customer satisfaction in the corporate restaurant industry is moving toward “Do-It-Yourself” technologies. From sit-down casual to fast-food mega brands, upgraded technologies are changing the customer experience.

Self-service kiosks and at-table-tablets are showing up in restaurants across the nation. Many familiar names such as Panera, McDonald’s, and Applebee’s are using this innovative technology to satisfy customers in an original, faster way.

Technology Upgrades at POS Address Accessibility

The idea is not to eliminate employees or jobs; rather, this technology allows for a “self checkout lane” option for fast food. If a customer chooses not to use kiosks, the customer interactions become personal and less rushed. Ordering from a McDonald’s kiosk has assisted in creating a new position in the restaurant, as well. They now offer table service when a customer chooses the kiosk experience.

CMArchitects PLLC offers expertise in restaurant design services for technology upgrades inside and outside of the restaurant industry. We are licensed in 13 states and work with owners and franchisees to modernize the customer experience by incorporating new technologies during small renovations and major construction projects. 

McDonald’s Service Area by CMArchitects PLLC

McDonald’s POS Kiosk by CMArchitects PLLC

See some of CMArchitects work with McDonald’s “Experience of the Future”, including Nashville’s Green Hills location, as published by CNBC and locally on Fox17.


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